Value & Volume: How To Serve 
500 Clients From A Single ECommerce Platform


From the introduction...In the uniform industry, expanding your business is a paradox. The most successful companies with the highest chance of expansion are those that provide deeply personalized service, tailoring their marketing, sales, and communications efforts to each customer. Over time, more and more individuals and firms flock to those companies, allowing them to expand their operations and achieve dramatically higher revenues. Such a large influx of customers, however, makes it substantially more difficult to provide individualized service, forcing many companies to adopt more generic service and marketing practices. Success thus forces them to abandon the very thing that made them successful.

Maintaining personalized service with such a high volume of customers may seem like a daunting task. With the proper planning and technology, however, it is easy to achieve. The key is to set up a website that allows you to create customized accounts for multiple end users, tailoring your product pages to their specific needs and company culture. With the proper protocols, you can incorporate new customers with ease, and thus serve 500 clients just as intimately as you would 20.

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